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For more than a decade, design mavens, Megan Rozin and Kelli Vogelgesang have been honing their craft as interior designers, both fueled by their lifelong love of design.

Kelli and Megan have fused their talents, education, and expertise creating magnolia pair interior design A FULL SERVICE BOUTIQUE DESIGN FIRM SPECILIZING IN SWOON WORTHY INTERIORS AND EXTERIORS.

The designing pair pervades a truly poetic balance of creative conceptualizations and technical implementation. Kelli and Megan are intricately involved with all aspects of their design projects from new construction and remodels to styling and editing for an inspired new look.

Together Kelli and Megan use their dynamic synergy to produce luxurious and bespoke living environments that are undeniably passionate, classic, and wildly chic. Theirs is a joyous celebration of carefully curated layers developed specifically for their client’s tastes, desires and lifestyles.

If you are looking to have your living environments indulge your spirit and conjure an experience for you and your loved ones then magnolia pair interior design if a good fit for you. Escape from just another attractive collection of rooms, venture into chic, timeless and appropriate design.


magnolia pair interior design

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